Albert Tse Metalsmith is for those with an adventurous spirit and individual style, those that are after a modern take on the traditional.

Each piece is made either by sand-casting, hand-forging, wax-carving or cast from a mould and then finished by hand in our Sydney studio.





The adventurer: experimental, unpredictable, passionate


Born in Australia and trained at Alchimia in Florence and the Design Centre in Sydney, his work is influenced by a combination of traditional skills and contemporary design, a mixture of old world and new world charm, with inspiration coming from his adventures around the globe

In 2017 Albert was recognised by his peers in the Men's Contemporary Accessories and Jewellery Award for his Memento Sydney Cufflinks at the Sydney International Jewellery Fair

Listen to my portrait session with Giuseppe from Men in this town



Our design inspiration comes from all the years that Albert has travelled, absorbing the ancient, the old and the new cultures from the more than 50+ countries he has experienced, in every continent bar Antarctica. Highlights include the amazing roman ruins in Turkey, Jordan and Syria, the Temples and Pyramids of Egypt, trekking to Everest Base Camp, diving in some of the most amazing sites around the world, seeing the Northern Lights for the first time in Rovaniemi, driving a 4x4 from Budapest to Bamako, living a ski season in both Vail and Whistler, the Temple of Ankor Wat and surrounds, to driving a Tuk Tuk from the South to the North of India.

All these experiences and visuals have been absorbed, added to the memory bank and comes out through his unique design process, using his hands in experimenting / prototyping with materials to mould and create a thought into the start of each new collection.



At Albert Tse Metalsmith we predominantly cast and create our pieces in-house (check out the video above), and when we require to contract out to a casting house, we use one that is accredited by The Responsible Jewellery Council.

We use only recycled silver in all our in-house silver castings, transitioning to predominantly Australian gold, and also the option of recycled gold for our gold castings, please get in touch info@alberttsemetalsmith.com if you would like to discuss further. All our fully traceable recycled silver and gold are sourced from Cooksongold in the UK.

We also source our sapphires from both Australian mines and work with gem suppliers to supply ethically sourced / conflict free gems. Get in touch as we can also source fully traceable stones for you.