Alloying metal

To make sterling silver, we alloy together 925 parts fine silver and 75 parts copper


Each piece is goes through multiple stages of polishing, this is the second last stage, where we use a cutting compound to remove fine scratches from the piece

Smoothing the inside of a ring

After filing to remove any excess metal, we go through different grades of emery to create a smooth surface for your finger

Sandcasting Eon Cross I

After compacting the sand on one side, we push down the cross half way into the sand before add the other half of the mould and filling with sand. what happens is when we remove the cross model we get the negative space where silver or gold can be poured to fill it

Collection List

Making of our Eon collection

Making of our Eon collection


I feel like this ring was made for me! It truly is a physical representation that I love


I bought one of your beautiful rings today, I love it, its so refreshing ti see something so unique. Thank you.


Great to deal with. An artist, a professional and understood our requirements well. Top notch!


He totally loves it, it was perfect! Thanks for all your help!


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